12.1.2. Accessible documentation

Product documentation provided with the ICT shall be made available in at least one of the following electronic formats:

a) a Web format that conforms to clause 9, or

b) a non-web format that conforms to clause 10.


  1. This does not preclude the possibility of also providing the product documentation in other formats (electronic or printed) that are not accessible.
  2. It also does not preclude the possibility of providing alternate formats that meet the needs of some specific type of users (e.g. Braille documents for blind people or easy-to-read information for persons with cognitive impairments).
  3. Where the documentation is integral to the ICT it will be provided through the user interface which is accessible.
  4. A user agent that supports automatic media conversion would be beneficial to enhancing accessibility.

Testing methods

Type of compliance Inspection
  1. Product documentation in electronic format is supplied with the ICT.
  1. Check that product documentation in electronic format provided with the ICT conforms to the requirements of clauses 9 or 10 as appropriate.
Result Pass: Check 1 is true
Fail: Check 1 is false

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